Friday, October 29, 2010

Grades. Enrollment. Second Semester.

This post is all about the title.

My grades on UE Portal is complete na. :D So here.

No failing grade. :) Highest is 1.25 and lowest is 2.5. :D But still, it is low according to my parents. :( Uhh, I think that's all? :))))

I enrolled yesterday (Oct. 29). It was so good cause I'm with dad. You know, I'm shy like hell!! I mean, to the highest level talaga! :)))) WTH. Imma tell you what happened.

First, Dad asked the guard in the Admin Office what to do. We went to 3rd floor, TYK to get PEF. It's like a rough copy of Registration Card. The man on the counter said I need to go to the Gym to get my P.E and OECO to get my NSTP. I'll be getting Physical Fitness as my P.E cause it's a must. Should be volleyball but only one section is there. Then LTS on NSTP. I really thought that if I choose block section, P.E and NSTP would be automatically chosen but, no! :D So after choosing my NSTP and P.E,we went back to TYK 3rd floor para magpapirma ng PEF. It was so easy. After magpapirma, we went to 4th floor TYK to encode. There was a short line and I was inside the computer room in 5 minutes I guess? While inside, I was assigned to computer #2. Logged in my account on UE iEnroll. :) 3 subjects are "not included on curriculum". So we went down again to the 3rd floor para maiayos. Went upstairs again when the guy on the counter said it was okay na. I went inside the computer room again and then it was okay na. I changed my P.E time because according to the computer, the section I chose was full already. So I chose another section, earlier than the one I chose first. After that, we waited for my Registration Card to be printed. We went back 1pm cause the printing finished 10 minutes before their lunch break. We paid 35k. KFYNE. Spell expensive. But, that's life. And I'm gunna study hard this semester. Went home immediately after paying.

Second Semester
I'm excited that's all. Bye folks!

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