Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last day tomorrow.

Yeah. Hi. I'll miss HRM8A. That's all. KBYENOW. Hahaha. Loljk. ;) I'm gonna add some to my birthday plans and write about random things. I just felt like blogging anobaaaaaah.

So, as I've said, I'll add some on my birthday plans. Birthday Plans post.
5. I want a dessert. Crema de Fruta to be exact. It's not really a want. But I want to follow the format on the first post so, there. Hahaha! Brother insisted that we should make one. And also because Dad's leaving the day after, Nov. 2 :( yeah. So we're making and I'm buying ingredients same day as when I'll buy the ingredients for Hawaiian Pizza. :D

I kinda want to have an addition (again) on my Birthday Wishlist. :) Birthday Wishlist post.
- Magic 8 Ball. I so want this!!!!
- baller. like these.
- THIS.I'm kid like that.
- DSLR. Everyone wants this. So why not dream right?

Before going home, Dowy and I went to Bench/. :) I have to look for a perfume to give to Dave. So I found 2. :D I want the smell of some but they're too expensive so I'll settle on the cheaper one. :) Here.

Exposed. This was so good. I like the scent! And it's just P178.00 :D Yess. Abot kamay! Abot kaya! Yeeeh. So that's definitely what I'm buying. But I also like the Gutz perfume scent.

Gutz. This is the other one. But I don't know the price so... I'm not gonna buy it. :D

That's all my dear followers! Last day of school tomorrow. This should be guh-reat. :)


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