Sunday, October 17, 2010

Departmental Exams.

Yes. This happened yesterday and I want you guys to know what happened.

Woke up at 6:00am I guess? Okay, then got ready for school. :) Yeaaah. Departmental Exams on English and Filipino. Rode with Jillian on my way to UE. I was on UE at pass 7am. I saw my classmates Aubrey, Grace, Jha, and Sheila outside MiniStop and I stayed with them. Then Cyrus came and also Angela. I decided to go inside the campus na without Aubrey and Jillian cause Aubrey is still waiting for Raphael, her boyfriend. We went in through the Elementary and High School gate. Coolness. Then I saw Patricia and Paulina, the twins I was talking about on my previous post. Went to TYK Building. I was so happy that I'll get to use the elevator on TYK but... it wasn't working that day. :( We went to 4th floor through the stairs. Oh, and we're with Ady na din pala. He checked the sched again on 3rd floor. We're supposed to be roomed at 408 and not 409 (cause Cy told me that it was 409 last night-Friday). And I can't even send a group message cause my unlimited texting just expired. Oh gahd. Then Michelle texted. It was a group message of course. She said "Sino ba nagsabi sa kin na 409 ang room!! Poots! Poots! Poots!". Much likely like that. I got pissed, of course. Cause I'm the one whom she's referring to. I sent a group message last night to all of my classmates on my phonebook including her. And it was exactly like this: Schedule for tomorrow. Departmental Exams. EN111 - 7:30 - 8:30, TYK409 // FI101 - 10:00 - 11:00, TYK209.

I really knew it was me. So I didn't talk to her throughout the day. Well, enough of that. English exam was so easy!! And oh, there was an answer sheet provided!!! Hahahaha. I was so happy cause I only have one yellow pad! :))) Then 1 and a half hour break. I finished early and went downstairs. Watched the high school students while they're doing their CAT thing. Too bad I never got the chance to experience that. Then my classmates went down. Dowy and I went out with Karl and Louisse. :) Then went inside na. Upstairs, we're at TYK209. :) Our next room. Then fun fun fun. Fun with Aubrey, Dowy and Raymond. :)))) Hahahaha. The Filipino exam was average. :)

After the exam, Dowy, Raymond and I wandered around UE grounds and sat on the gazebo for a long time. :) Then Raymond's classmates came. Juan Miguel and a cute guy
named Ronel was there. :))) I know Juan Miguel cause he was on the radio drama with Raymond. After some time, he left Dowy and I na.

So, we just went back to TYK209 and stayed there. Wrote and wrote on the black board.

These pictures are for Dowy. :)

Dowy and I decided to go home. Outside, we bought scramble! Yum yum! Walked until we reached our street and poof! Rain poured!! :)))

That's all folks! :) I super love this day!

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