Friday, October 15, 2010

Promise. I'll stop cramming next sem.

That sure is a promise!

Hello guys! I wanna tell you about my day today. T'was so good! :)

So I got up 7:30am and then get ready for school. I wore stockings today. Yeah. :) Then on my way to the sakayan ng jeepney, I saw this twin sisters who are like 'emo' pumorma. Yeah. So I was with them on the jeepney. Taga-dito lang pala sila sa may amin. I really didn't know.

Then on my way to the gate, Dave appeared. Oh my. Whatta great day right? Yeaaaa. So we went in together but then parted ways when inside. Ugh. His class is on the Old Aca Bldg. And mine is on Eng'g. Bldg. Fvckyeah.

I went upstairs to be on time on class. Nothing exciting happened on first two class. Psychology was ... FUN! Our professor brought his kiddo on class. Of course no lesson and we were just 18 or below at that time. So I was staring at his kid, Aaron. He's so cute and so adorableeee!!!! OHMY!!! He was ignoring us at first then later talked to us. He played Bounce on Mich's phone. And Snakes and Ladders on my phone. Yeah. That was cute.

HRM101 was full of ... tense? Hahaha. It was our final exam. Yeah. It went good. But the freaking aircon was so high I was trembling na. :(

Uwian was a blur and full of cramming. We went down immediately when we finished the exam. Then walked to the other side of the building. While walking I saw Prince Addam Aveno. He's wearing pink shirt and eyeglasses. OKFYNE. I'll stop right there. I was really looking straight to his eyes. Gahd! He's my crush okaay... Hahaha. Then he looked at me!!! OHMAAAAY. :)))) Then he smiled. Ohmy. First smile between me and him! I was so happy and getting hyper. :))) XD Then we went to MISD at the Old Aca Bldg. to use the computer and search some answers for our paper. Then, the electricity turned off. Brownout for short. Ughh. :(( Went to TYK 4th floor to talk to our professor. And she said that we should submit it today and she'll wait until 3pm. We went out and searched for an internet cafe. We found one then did what has to be done. :] We submitted it on time! :D Yea. Then went home. :)

Oh, btw, I found the twins' facebook. Their names are Patricia and Paulina. :)

And before I forget..
Happy Birthday Prince Addam Aveno!


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