Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last day of First Semester.

Sad. But still happy. ;) Sad because next sem is a new wave of personalities mixed in one classroom. New people to get along with. Ugh. That sucks. So yeah. Happy cause I'll find new friends. New people to have fun with. :)

Well, last day of 1st sem was a blur. Went to school at 10:45-ish. Ady, Iyah, Bon, Rhone and Thomas were there. Then some came. Dowy came and she's with Mark and Dave. We went out and walked with them to the sakayan. :) Then went inside coz the exam is about to start. NS105 exam was average. I didn't review but I handled it well. Then went to TYK, canteen, TYK411 with Joyce and Dowy. NS104A exam was so easy. But I sucked on the essay. XD

Went out with Dowy to the mall to search for my costume on my birthday. Actually not a costume but it's a witch's hat. :) And also looked for a Magic 8 Ball but... nothing! Boo! XD

I'll surely miss you HRM8A

Oh, btw, Ina and I will go out on Saturday. Rain or shine beybeh! Yeah.
So that would be fun x 100000! :D

Another addition to my Birthday Plans. First here (1-4). Second (5).
6. I want a costume. Witch costume to be exact. :P I want that witch hat I saw on National Bookstore but it's so expensive!! 300 pesos plus!!! Ugghh. Some are 400 plus!! So my dad and I are goin to Divisoria next week. Maybe Tuesday, should be Tuesday!! Coz Monday is going to be Dave's celebration. Hopefully. :D

But not exactly like this. This is a Hogwart Wizard Hat. I want a witch hat. :)

Some people are greeting me now. And I like to thank them here.

There. And thanks for Kuya Jeb for making this on his iPhone I guess.


So, my Daddy and I are going to visit Divisoria in short time. We'll buy my witch hat and oh! He told me that we'll buy my MP3 when we go there. I totally forgot about it so, thank you Dad for that. :)) And I want one like this.

And I'll brag my dad for a small speaker. Yes. So much for my birthday. Oh! And my dad told me that he'll be buying my tripod tomorrow!! Yeeeeeey!!

So much for this. Thanks for reading! :)


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